Sunday, January 10, 2016

Electric Nights (c) 2015

Our Night

For the better part of half the day
I bust my ass for minimum wage
But I come home to the sun and a glass of wine

The trees around don’t provide much shade
But that’s okay ‘cause I’m pretty pale
And I’d like to shed some light on this hell

This is the time to live the best days of our lives
As we sing about the summer sun 
That shines right through the night
And the day that’s about to come 
Is the last thing on our minds
This is our night

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Greatest Life Unknown (c) 2011

Insert Your City

I feel the music inside me now and it’s made me numb
The night’s over, but the day’s still young
I’ll go wherever it takes me, and it’s such a rush
When it’s something that I can’t stop

It’s the energy in Montreal
That’s why it’s the place to be
It’s the music of New York City
That’s why I live so free
Well I’d never come back from Halifax
If not for this simple need
It’s my friends back home, Toronto,
That’s why you’re the place for me

There’s nothing to tell me when I’ve had enough
Of the good life, cause it’s a good life
I know you all feel the same way, and that’s why you’re here
So let’s drink up, clear the still air

It’s my friends back home, Peterborough
That’s why you’re the place for me

It’s the energy, insert your city!
That’s why it’s the place to be
When I’m in the mood, Chicago blues
That’s why I live so free
Well I’d never leave St. John’s George Street
If not for this simple need
It’s my friends back home, Lindsay, Ontario
That’s why you’re home to me

Lights Out

I can feel it in the air again
When the chill in the wind seeps through my skin into my bones
And my body starts shaking like something is escaping from my soul
I’m in a room full of people I will never really know
But we all come together for the sake of the show

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Victory Song 2.0 (c) 2009

All lyrics by Daniel Greer, (c) 2004 - 2009

Andrea Awakes                                       

We sing of a better man, the man I was before
And we sing of better times, before we were at war
And we know the real battle, lies within ourselves
But I swear it’s her fault, she made me someone else

Times at Stake
Andrea Awakes
Bleeding For My Faith
Andrea Awakes

We sing of broken men, who never win the game
And we sing of alcohol, and ways to kill the pain
And we know that our dreams, were never meant to live
And we know that the little things, always spoil the bitch
I Love It When You Leave Me            

I don’t know what you did to my soul
But I know that I won’t go down
And I don’t know if she ever loved me so
But I can tell ya I won’t go down
And I’ve never been so alone, but the whiskey keeps me warm
And the cocaine keeps me laughin’ at night
And I might seem upset, well I just know too much I guess
I have a problem with always being right

Victory Song (c) 2009

All lyrics by Daniel Greer and Jonathan Greer, (c) 2009


Told me a dream, sold me real live gold
The power goes out and the time stops, but the people live on
Their screams light up the streets, but I don’t lie awake
Fight off the movement and wait

Yeah, I’ll wait until it comes to me
And there’s no way I’m gonna break
Yeah, I’m counting on the world to change
And there’s no way I’m gonna break

Mold a world to purity, take freedom, spoil the fruit
I’m not bowing down to you
I’m making my stand against a brave new world
I’ll take the savage path and wait

In Vines

Another shot in the perfect direction
I know, I know it’s gold
Lights down for a better reception
Downsize the old, I know

We’re all bitter when it comes to this
And I’ll stand right in your way
It’s not like me to be true to such a trend
But I know, I know, I know...

This Ain't No Acronym (c) 2007

This album was a collection of 4 EP's:

The Evolution of a Perfect Crime (2007)
You're All Ingrates (2006)
Clear Thinking Just Doesn't Sell (2007)
The God's Too Are Fond of a Joke (2005)

Lyrics not currently available

New World Down (c) 2004

Delightful Canvas– by Daniel Greer © 2004

Dread my most inner thoughts, a haunted sadness in her smile
Live for eyes that tell it all, candid and bled in style
Delightful canvas of empathy, I miss what made my cry
Sorrow in a beautiful time, lets sing of ways to die

My world delights me

New pretext in writing this letter of appreciation
Honestly convince myself that I’m fabricated hesitation
Lost in a better world, an everyday vacation
Life is a deeper blue, real life animation

I want to fuck you to death

Radio Rock– by Daniel Greer © 2004

She’s so fine, I’m so lost in my own mind
Stirred up for shit’s sake unaware of my kind
Drowned voiced in time try to make me blind
Reality lapses ‘cause I’m so naturally high

A Move For Thought (c) 2003

The Mystery of Misery– by: Daniel Greer © 2003

Sadly I strive, I stole the keys, sanity can’t drive,
nothings worth dying for, so I’m still alive
I can’t know but I do, nothing to hold on to,
hell I miss you.

You know it’s going to hurt me, if I live
You know it’s going to kill me, if I live

It’s a mystery, a license to change history,
but I can’t get my hands on it, so I’ll live with this misery
I can’t know but I do, nothing to hold on to,
fuck I miss you.

You know it’s going to hurt me,
You know what I can’t go on,
You know it’s going to kill me,
You know I cannot live

Tear Away– by: Daniel Greer © 2003

I tear down my flag, give up on this world I once loved,
this world that is killing me
we’re all the same, so how can this fighting,
ever set us free